Peoples Biodiversity Registers

The Peoples Biodiversity Register (PBR) is a document that records the diversity of species of flora, fauna, crops, livestock etc. The PBR focus on participatory documentation of local biodiversity, traditional knowledge and practices. They are seen as key legal documents in ascertaining the rights of local people over the biological resources and associated traditional knowledge.

Arunachal Pradesh is land of biological and cultural diversity. It is home of a large number of tribal groups, pursuing different kinds of nature based livelihoods. In addition, a large number of farming and fishing communities possesses traditional knowledge of varying degrees. The development of modern science and technologies notably biotechnology and information technologies have increased the value of biodiversity and associated knowledge including traditional knowledge. The growing importance of biodiversity, bio-resources and associated knowledge is fairly well understood. The first step towards conservation is sustainable utilization of biodiversity and its documentation.

In Arunachal Pradesh most of the tribal groups continue to depend on locally available biodiversity and bio-resources for their livelihoods. Such population who are directly dependent on local biological resources have, through their keen sense of observation, practices, and experimentation developed and established a body of knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation. Some are widespread traditional knowledge like cultivation practices; others are highly specialized such as bone setting or jaundice, which are generally passed only to close members of the family. The Peoples Biodiversity Registers is aimed to document flora and fauna of the particular locality along with the rich and unique indigenous knowledge system of the communities therein. 

The responsibility for preparation of PBR lies with Biodiversity Management Committee. 43 PBRs has been prepared by the end of March, 2017 and work on 33 PBRs is under progress. Board provides adequate training as well as technical support for the same.