The International Day for Biological Diversity-2015 was celebrated by Arunachal Pradesh Biodiversity Board, Itanagar with the financial support from National Biodiversity Authority, Chennai.  The main event of the celebration was held at Abo Tani, Hall, Hapoli, Ziro, Lower Subansiri District. The item wise programme of the celebration is as follows;

1.      Painting Competition

A painting competition on the theme “Biodiversity for Sustainable Development” was organized at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Ziro on 20th May, 2015. For the competition the students were divided in two categories viz Senior (from Class-III to VI) and Junior (from Class VII to IX). Altogether 60 students took part in the competition. The prizes to the Winner, Runner and 2nd runner of both the categories were given to the students on 22nd May, 2015.

 2.      Inaugural session of IDB-2015

The main event of the celebration was held in Abo Tani Hall, at Hapoli, Ziro. More than 350 participants including Heads of the Department, village Heads, Panchayat representatives, BMC Members, NGOs, Students and public attended the celebration. The BMC Members of other districts of the state also participated in the programme. The Deputy Commissioner of Lower Subansiri district Mr. Kanki Darang while attending the programme as Chief Guest exhorted the participants to be fore-runners in protecting nature and create awareness amongst the public about the importance of maintaining balance between man and nature. Extending gratitude to the Arunachal Pradesh Biodiversity Board and National Biodiversity Authority, Chennai for selecting Ziro to promote biodiversity conservation, he said that the Ziro Plateau can be an apt example for nature conservation. Mr. N. Tam, Member Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh Biodiversity Board dealt in detail on the theme Biodiversity for sustainable development. Pamphlets on activities of the Board and on the Biodiversity of Arunachal Pradesh prepared by the APBB along with other reading materials were distributed to the participants.

 3.      Technical Session

The technical session received wide attention from the participants. Dr. B. Sinha, Head of Office, Zoological Survey of India, Regional Office, Itanagar presented lecture on the title “Realising importance of Biodiversity in sustainable development: the sooner the better”. Mr. Rubu Bukar, Chairman, Nature Care and Disaster Management Society, Ziro presented on the title “Biodiversity Conservation through community based natural resource management in Apatani community”. Dr. L. R. Bhuyan, Scientist, State Forest Research Institute, Itanagar presented on the title “Floral Biodiversity of Arunachal Pradesh”. Ms. Gyati Yam, research Scholar, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Nirjuli, Itanagar on “Endangered species: perspective to Ziro Valley”.


4.      Interactive session of Village heads and BMCs

Interactive session of the Village Head called “Gaon Buras” and BMCs were held after technical session. Both the parties discussed on the issues like, joint patrolling of the village forest by BMCs and Police, Administrative support to BMCs from district administration by issuing Identity cards. They requested APBB to conduct regular awareness camp for BMCs and village people. The interactive session was followed by lunch.

 5.      Display of poster

Pictorial Posters and Banner bearing slogan on Biodiversity conservation were displayed in every corner of Apatani Plateau. The BMCs also displayed the same in their respective villages.

 6.      Field visit by BMC members of other districts

The post lunch session of the celebration was field visit to Apatani Plateau by the BMC Members from other district of Arunachal Pradesh. The visiting team was briefed with various agricultural practices of Apatani community including Rice cum Fish culture. They also observed the life in Apatani community by visiting couple of villages. The Sacred Groves called “Ranth”, Bamboo plantation, forest management and places of many other ongoing community conservation activities on Biodiversity was also visited.